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Aurchghfh my right hand feels like it’s eating itself from the inside out

this is new

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And they’re naming their second child SEBASTIAN which even without the dragon age connotations I apply so quickly is one of MY MOST FAVORITE NAMES EVER

He might be Sebastian Pierre [Last Name Redacted] because the mom’s dad’s name is Pierre and she’s quite close to him

their son now has brilliant blue eyes I hope tiny new sunfish-child Sebastian will too

but he’ll speak in French, not in a brogue

hehe gonna melt all the hearts when he’s older

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Sometimes I look at their picture on the fridge and wonder how I can be related to such beautiful vivacious rainbows

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dalishmarshmallow: This is ATTRACTIVE WHITE FAMILY? Wow, how awesome is that?

- hey why do you think they’re Attractive White Family

their beautiful perfect faces? Well yes of course yes what perfect unicorn genes they have

but also GOOD PEOPLE unicorns

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So I learned today that my cousin’s son’s favorite color is pink and he likes getting his nails painted and the parents are cool with it

/sheds single tear/ good

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foxghost said: candy melts (wilton) - heat in the microwave 10 seconds at a time, stir. …don’t overheat beyond 120F. at body temp, it stays pliable. /what other tidbits hehhhahhh too much 8D

- oh I have no idea, all?

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dalishmarshmallow replied to your post: Yes. It’s light and shimmers and glows in the dark. It’s only evident on Knox when he’s not in human form.

- imagine the whole court at night, all twinkling and softly illuminated

- ‘cept Etienne only has eyes for how the shimmer plays upon Knox’s skin

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foxghost replied to your post: karmasutra makes a line of flavoured edible body powders that shimmer and actually taste good called Honey Dust. other areas: heated candy melts.

- oooooh fuuuuun! And heated candy melts - heated by body heat or…?

makes me wonder what other tips and tidbits you have

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dalishmarshmallow said: You just need to make sure the icing tube is actually in the picture, preferably squirting as a double entendre or something.

-/plops onto ever-increasing pile of smut to draw

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foxghost said: i’ve tried everything once *wise old voice* nothing STICKY in that area unless you want accidental waxing or actually able to get it all off k. recommend: honeydust. flavoured lube. no actual food.

- hmmm all very good points

what about other areas? Hands and throats or something but not down below

also…what is honeydust?