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in case you needed a reminder that humans are incredible and terrifying

I was only a minute and a half into this video before the urge to reblog completely won over.

wait how is he doing that thing that he’s doing? what is this



What. In. The. World.

"party party yeah"

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That snake gifset reminded me - cheesiesttwins boyfriend showed me a picture on his phone like “look what they had at the store!!” And it was a ball python eating a rat

he was all eager I guess expecting me to react like cheesiesttwin does (who is terrified of snakes and can’t even look at pictures of them without making distressed noises) but I went ‘awwwwwww’ instead because well honestly the rat was white and the snake was on pine shavings so I thought it was yawning at first

but I’m more annoyed that the boyfriend wanted me to have a bad reaction, glad when his too-toothy smile remained forced on his face trying to hide his disappointment

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flutiebear said: i love the way you draw men’s backs and butts - this is because I love men’s backs and butts

you can always tell when I’ve got a vested interest in what I’m drawing

or, well, hopefully without a vest

thank you |D

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What does Fia's voice sound like? Does she have an accent? Is it Americanized from living in California?

Sorry for the delay in answering this! I think I am finally up to getting something coherent out. :)

Fia’s voice is very low, and deeper than one might expect from looking at her. She tends to try to counter this by speaking softly. She also takes care to enunciate so she is clearly understood.

As much as she’s traveled, she spent the first century of her life in human form in Scotland, and because that’s where she learned to speak as a human, she has been left with a marked Scottish accent. Since that land is still *home* to her, she tends to spend a few decades of every century there anyway, and so it has never really gone away. 

She has taken care, however, to make sure that it has evolved properly so that she doesn’t sound like a walking anachronism.

Which has presented a whole new sort of challenge for her as she finds herself in the past again, oops.

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But yeah I mean Knox is basically at Etienne’s beck and call as it is, a little over the shoulder glance like that with nothing but a jock strap and omg.

huh really? i was envisioning the dynamic more like, hmm, etienne is gentle and attentive and indulgent and enthusiastic towards whatever knox wants to do and likes to take the submissive role (whether penetrating or not), except during his half-mad spring fever when the teasing touches and lingering caresses turn into bruising grips and low growls in knox’s ear

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Etienne could ask Knox to scrub the floor with a toothbrush at this point and he'd just say "yes anything you want" and stare.

i dunno id think hed request something else

but there is a great appreciation for oral hygiene

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dalishmarshmallow replied to your post: ???

This style is working for you

this is the style i do with charcoal

kinda hard to do with a tablet but